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About Steve Redgrave

Steven Redgrave (was born on March 23, 1962)

5-time Olympic champion, nine-time world champion. Knight of the British Empire.

One can say one word about the sporting achievements of Redgrave - they are unique. By itself, his 24-year career in one of the most difficult sports stirs up admiration. Unlike other Olympic sports, enabling the best prepared athletes to win several medals at single Olympics (everybody remembers the great records of the U.S. swimmers Mark Spitz in 1972, and Michael Phelps in 2008), in rowing, as a rule, it is impossible. In order to win five Olympic victories, Redgrave was to participate in five Olympic Games! However, Steven was unique even here: during several seasons, including the Olympic season of 1988, he and his first partner Andy Holmes performed at the regattas of the highest level in two classes simultaneously - in the coxless pair and in the coxed pair. In the 1991-1997 seasons, Redgrave and his other famous partner, Matthew Pinsent, remained unbeaten, which is also an unbeaten achievement.

After the fourth Olympic victory in Atlanta, Redgrave threw his famous phrase to the reporters: " If anyone finds me close to a rowing boat again they can shoot me" However, after that, he was the author of the most incredible come back in rowing - together with the partners in the coxless four won at the next Olympics in Sydney, he was already sick with diabetes in the insulin-dependant form!



Steven Redgrave is an example of disinterested and selfless loyalty to the sport and the principles of fair and honest competition, demonstrating the capabilities of the human spirit, his motivation to mobilize. Awarded the knight's title for outstanding services to Britain, he is a carrier of a truly chivalrous appearance, the possessor of impeccable authority, being the ambassador of sports, peace and humanism.

Sir Steven Redgrave is an honorary co-chair of the English rowing club and the patron of the Golden Blades - City sprint Regatta. He is actively involved in the development of rowing sports in Russia, being realized by the Amateur Rowing Association.

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Information on regattas

On June 12, 2015, in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the waters of the Kronverksky Strait, between the Peter and Paul Fortress and Artillery Museum building, the 5rd International Rowing Regatta Golden Blades will take place.

A distance of 200 meters will be laid in the waters of the Kronverksky Strait along the fortress, which will allow participants and visitors enjoy the beautiful views of the sea capital of Russia.




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