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I welcome visitors of my page on the website of the English Rowing Club in St. Petersburg. Since its renewal in May 2010, I am the Honorary Chairman of the club, and I am very pleased with how it develops. It combines the features of Russian and British conservatism, and openness to modern approaches and technologies.

I am very respectful to Russian rowing and its history. Since my childhood, I knew the names of the great Russian rowers, in the first place - the great single scull rower, three-time Olympic champion, Vyacheslav Ivanov, as I had dreamed of becoming a great single scull rower myself.

Today, technology changes our lives and makes it much easier. We cannot do without technology, but we need to know and think about the consequences of its widespread use. When we were kids, sports, exercise took an important place in our lives. Now, as a "part of culture" sport is experiencing stiff competition from computer games, simulators. The name "exercise" no longer attracts young people. Many of the charity events, I am engaged in, are aimed at attracting young people to physical activity, and we are trying to find different, non-trivial forms. An Olympic sport often looks quite traditional, "over-organized", so slightly different perspective is important for young people. Sports should be attractive, be fashionable, if you want. This also applies to rowing, rather conservative, but in need of promotion.

In many ways, the popularity of sports depends on the professionalism of coaches today, a high level of sports science, hard anti-doping measures. Sports should be a safe and enjoyable activity, with the absolute predominance of the fair play principle. Preparation of sports specialists should be organized at the highest quality level. The English Rowing Club is now seeking to solve all these tasks.

To young athletes, today, making their first steps in sport, I want to say - not all is brought to material prosperity and comfort. Throughout my rowing career, I often felt financial difficulties, the sports infrastructure, which we used, was not ideal, but it did not interfere with my internal motivation - the desire to improve my skills and win.

In 2012, my country will host the XXX Olympic Games. I have been actively helping the government and the organizing committee of the Games to ensure the humanitarian impact of the upcoming Olympics, not only on British sport, but on the whole population. All the British and guests of the Games should benefit in the end. I also contribute to the development of sport as the president of the British Rowing Federation. In addition, I have been involved in several humanitarian projects. I am a member of the Trust Board of Comic Releif - a charitable organization, specializing in help to sick children, and actively involved in programs of assisting to those suffering from diabetes. I try to do good to people with my experience and with what I was able to achieve.

Welcome to the English Rowing Club - a place where ancient traditions meet the vibrant modernity. Hands on the boat! Ready? Row!

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Information on regattas

On June 12, 2015, in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the waters of the Kronverksky Strait, between the Peter and Paul Fortress and Artillery Museum building, the 5rd International Rowing Regatta Golden Blades will take place.

A distance of 200 meters will be laid in the waters of the Kronverksky Strait along the fortress, which will allow participants and visitors enjoy the beautiful views of the sea capital of Russia.




9B, Deputatskaya Street,

Krestovsky Island, 197110, St. Petersburg

phone number: +7 921 186 58 58


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