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The following services are subject to an agreement: doctor of osteopathy; development of exclusive individual sports and recreational programs for personal use; carrying out of nonrecurring corporate events; provision of a platform for business and informal talks.

One-day corporate events on the island are organized on the basis of a model or the agreed program.



Model programs of corporate events

1. 3-day program (July-August)



20.00 Checking into the club hotel (4 suites for 4-8 people, 8 standard rooms for 8-24 people)

20.30 Orientation talk (saloon), a tour of the club

21.00 Dinner ("At the River" restaurant)

23.00-00.00 A night tour of the islands in the London cab



8.00-10.00 Breakfast (canteen)

10.30-11.00 Instruction (gym)

11.00-11.30 Warm-up (gym, playground)

11.30-13.30 Row in a boat (14-seater boat "Viking", accompanied by an instructor)

14.00 Lunch ("At the River" restaurant)

16.00-18.00 sports program - football, volleyball, basketball, table tennis (mini-tournaments), cycling

19.00-22.00 BBQ and entertainment program (island), live music (accordion)

21.00-22.00 Motor boat trip along the river

22.00-00.00 Cigar Party (saloon), billiards. A short lecture on the history of rowing.



8.00-10.00 Breakfast

11.00 Instruction, warm-up (gym)

12:00 Race (distance - depending on the level and experience of teams)

14.00 BBQ (island), summing up the competition results, honoring the winners

16.00-17.00 Departure from the hotel

During the day (Saturday, Sunday) guests can visit the gym, sauna, massage and osteopathy session are available on request as well as medical and trainer's advice on the selection of individual training and competitive program. A transfer  on a 14-seat bus (airport, train station) is available with advance reservation.

The optimal number of participants is 20-24, the maximum - 30.


2. one-day program (May-September)


12.00 arrival at the club, gathering on the island (if necessary - change of clothes in the locker room of the club), instruction

13.00-15.00 Row in a boat (14-seater boat "Viking", accompanied by an instructor), a race

15.00-20.00 BBQ party and entertainment program (island). Live music (accordion). Boat trips on the river, tour of the islands in the London cab are available.

A transfer  on a 14-seat bus is available with advance reservation.

Maximum number of participants - 100


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Information on regattas

On June 12, 2015, in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the waters of the Kronverksky Strait, between the Peter and Paul Fortress and Artillery Museum building, the 5rd International Rowing Regatta Golden Blades will take place.

A distance of 200 meters will be laid in the waters of the Kronverksky Strait along the fortress, which will allow participants and visitors enjoy the beautiful views of the sea capital of Russia.




9B, Deputatskaya Street,

Krestovsky Island, 197110, St. Petersburg

phone number: +7 921 186 58 58


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