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The English rowing club existed in Russia since 1864 (the first rowing club in St. Petersburg). It was founded by the British Empire subjects who lived permanently in St. Petersburg and wished to create conditions on the banks of the Neva for the traditional gentlemen's sport - rowing. The main location of the club in its pre-revolutionary history was the British ambassador's dacha (summer cottage) at Nadezhdinskaya (now Deputy) street on Krestovsky island.

The club was re-established on May 29, 2010, in the course of preparation for the celebration of the 150th anniversary of the national sport of rowing almost in the same historical spot at 9, Deputy street.

Location of the club is the elite district of St. Petersburg (Krestovka river embankment in the immediate vicinity of the Constitutional Court cottage complex and the Department for Presidential Affairs of the Russian Federation objects). The club is located on the territory of the rowing department of the Academy, with whom it has a cooperation agreement.

The honorary chairman of the club since its reopening is the legendary British athlete, 5-time Olympic champion Sir Steve Redgrave (UK). The Board of the club include: famous Television producer and director K. Nabutov, chairman of the St. Petersburg Rowing Federation V. Boot, executive director of the Russian Amateur Rowing Association Yuriy Zelikovich, rector of the St. Petersburg State University N. Kropachev and Minister of Justice A. Konovalov.



The club operates in three main directions

1. The museum of domestic rowing

The first phase of the clubhouse, put into operation in May 2010, is a reconstruction of the Russia's first rowing club with an entourage of a traditional British Institute with the Russian peculiarity. The main conceptual points of the museum - a) a display of vintage rowing boats - the outrigger "Father" - the oldest surviving academic boat in Russia (built in 1870 in England); the single scull "Swallow" on which Yuri Tyukalov won the Russia's first Olympic gold in rowing in 1952; the canoes belonged , according to legend, to Emperor Nicholas II and other items; b) a saloon designed in the British rowing clubs style with old photographs, individual exhibits, representing the history of national rowing, traditional Russian peculiarities -  a real Russian samovar, gramophone etc.

Regular meetings of the Veterans of rowing from St.Petersburg and all over Russia, their speeches in front of young athletes and the club members, anniversary celebrations are organized on the basis of the club.



2. The first traditional elite rowing club in modern Russian history
There are three types of permanent membership in the club (the Gold card - for honorary members of the Club, its organizers and title sponsors; the Red card - for outstanding athletes and regular contributors; the Blue card - for members who were approved by the Club's Board and pay regular contributions.) The honorary members of the club are 5-time Olympic champion S. Redgrave, silver medalist in Beijing J. West (UK), 3-time Olympic champion V. Ivanov and 2-time Olympic champion A.Timoshinin.
The main ideology of membership in the club is patriotism, dedication to a healthy lifestyle and aristocratic corporate behavior, active international club contacts. The Club is contemplating implementing of the annual club program, which would orient members to corporate interests and behavior patterns. Its main formats are regular exercise, club competitions, club meetings, interest in classical art, traveling abroad for the development of international contacts.


The club offers a modern,comfortable environment for various categories of athletes - from the experienced rowers, who regularly participate in Russian and international regattas, to participants seeking a healthy lifestyle in both standard and individual fitness programs, as well as, corporate recreational programs.
3. The base for high-level sportsmanship commands preparation

For the first time in Russia a quality, well-planned and organized training is provided for a compact elite sports team at the club employing the latest sports and managerial techniques with the assistance of an experienced and qualified coach. Under the agreements with the Russian Amateur Rowing Association, Amateur Sports Support Foundation and the St. Petersburg State University the Club is implementing the talented athletes support program offering the possibility of combining a well-organized training with receiving a full-fledged prestigious education.



In the 2011 season, the men's eight from the State University (Coach - World Champion I. Zotov) won the "Golden Blades of St. Petersburg" regatta and a number of traditional regattas in the UK. In September 2001, the team masterfully won the Student European Championship held in Moscow.


The club offers:

•  spacious gym equipped with modern exercise machines and equipment allowing to implement exclusive fitness programs;

•  sports fields for warm-ups, sport games and active recreation

•  diversified fleet of boats

•  fleet of sports equipment (bikes, balls, sport game sets)

•  locker room with a sauna

•  massage room

•  meeting rooms

•  cozy saloon and billiard room

•  comfortable base for private business and leisure corporate events


Club fleet

•   Pleasure boats - comfortable stable boats for 1-2 rowers and 1-2 passengers. Basic rowing skills, following to the coach's instructions, and the rules of behavior on the water are required.

•   Vikings (church boats) - traditional Scandinavian boats for 14 rowers and two coxswains. Basic rowing skills are required, mixed crews of athletes of different age and gender are possible. Ideal for corporate events. Members of the crew are instructed before going on the water accompanied by a coach and / or experienced athletes.

•   Sea yawls - solid heavy boats for 6 male rowers and a coxswain. Good command rowing skills and proper physical condition are required. Sailing is an option. Members of the crew are instructed before going on the water accompanied by a coach and / or experienced athletes.

•   Coastal boats - rowing boats for 1 or 2 rowers with higher stability than that of racing boats (due to this they can be used for rowing through high waves). Good rowing skills and proper physical condition are required. Going on the water by a coach decision for the athletes, who confirmed their sporting skills or after a training period specified by the coach.

•   Racing boats - rowing boats produced by the world's leading manufacturers (Empaher, Filippi) - singles, doubles, fours, eights. They are provided to the permanent members of the club or to athletes for a rowing season after approval of their application by the Club's Board. The application can be submitted by the athletes, who have experience of training and participation in rowing competitions, and have confirmed their athletic skills.


Club's traditional sports events

January - the English Club Cup for command rowing on an ergometer

May - the English Club Cup Regatta (Krestovka river)

June - the international days-long competition on boats, sea yawls and "Vikings" - the Golden Blades of Saint-Petersburg International Regatta

July - Sea yawls regatta in honor of Navy day

September - the Student eights match of the St. Petersburg and Moscow universities; the Student Regatta

October - the Autumn Marathon and Club Championship

November - the Open Club's Billiards Championship

December - the Club Championship in rowing on an ergometer


Club's traditional events

January - Christmas Tree (children's festival on the island)

March - Maslenitsa (Pancake Festival on the island)

May - the opening of the rowing season (party on the island); Golden Blades welcome party

June - "The girl with an oar" party; English Club Cup Regatta (Island)

July - Visiting the Henley Royal Regatta (the delegation is  formed at a charity auction), Navy Day on the island

September - a student party on the island

October - the Autumn Marathon, rowing season closure and new club's season opening

November - the Open Club's Billiards Championship

December - the Ice Palace opening on the island; New Year's reception for the club members with a red card

During a year - club events for subscribers: chamber concerts of traditional and classical music, theme lectures on the history of rowing, history of St. Petersburg, British history and culture, prominent athletes performances; Discussion Club meetings, dinners, tea, cigar parties and tastings in the club's saloon.


Regular Partners

English Club in St. Petersburg, Consulate General of the United Kingdom in St. Petersburg, St. Petersburg State University, the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, Gazprombank JSC.


Permanent membership in the club

The status of a permanent member of the club is provided under approval of an application by the Club's Board on its annual meeting.

A permanent member of the club is entitled to:

 Use the gym and sauna on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week at designated hours of the schedule);

 Use the club's fleet on a regular basis (at least 3 times a week during certain hours designated by the coach; racing boats are available during the rowing season upon the Club's Board decision);

 Rent the sports equipment in excess of the designated hours on concessional terms (50% off the regular rate);

 Participate in the city's rowing competitions under the club flag subject to the start permit by the Credentials Committee;

 Participate in the annual Cup and the Club Championship in rowing and rowing on an ergometer;

 Be provided with the club's sweatshirt, jacket and cap annually;

•  Use a personal locker in the locker room and personal mug in the saloon of the club;

 Get free tea in the lobby of the club at the end of training;

 Visit a weekly Sunday Tea Party in the saloon during designated hours with free tea, free pint of beer and the opportunity to play billiards;

 Watch sporting events in the saloon on advance reservations;

 Participate in the annual meeting of the club members and gala dinner;

 Participation in the traditional club's events (except for the events with limited categories of membership) and on concessional terms (50% off the regular rate) in the subscription program events.


Terms and conditions of permanent membership in the club

  Acceptance of the Charter of the Club and the code of conduct for the club members;

  Successful completion of a probation period;

  Approval of the application to join the club by the decision of the annual meeting of the Club's Board;

  Timely payment of the annual membership fee at the rate of _______ in the beginning of each club season (starting October 1). Quarterly payments are possible upon the Club's Board decision, as well as exemption from payment of club fees for the athletes included in a special training program for professional standard crews by the Club's Council.


Membership is terminated

•  At the request of a member;

•  By the Club's Board decision - in case of violation of the Club's Charter and code of conduct provisions or the rules of participation in a special training program for professional crews;

•  In case of loss of contact with the club for more than a year (except suspension of membership);

•  in case of failure to pay the annual membership fee (or the fee installment) within 1 month after the due date.

Ask the manager

Information on regattas

On June 12, 2015, in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the waters of the Kronverksky Strait, between the Peter and Paul Fortress and Artillery Museum building, the 5rd International Rowing Regatta Golden Blades will take place.

A distance of 200 meters will be laid in the waters of the Kronverksky Strait along the fortress, which will allow participants and visitors enjoy the beautiful views of the sea capital of Russia.




9B, Deputatskaya Street,

Krestovsky Island, 197110, St. Petersburg

phone number: +7 921 186 58 58


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