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001) Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
002) Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
003) Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
004) Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
005) Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
006) Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
007) Peter Spasojevic (Mosman Rowing Club)
008) SPBGU rowing crew
009) Sydney (Australia)
010) SPBGU rowing team with Peter Spasojevic
011) Sydney (Australia)
012) Sydney (Australia)
013) Sydney (Australia)
014) Training in Mosman Rowing Club (Sydney, Australia)
015) Training in MRC
016) Training in MRC
017) Sugarloaf Bay, Sailors Bay, Long Bay
018) Welcom dinner (MRC)
019) Welcom dinner (MRC)
0120) Welcom dinner (MRC)
021) Welcom dinner (MRC)
022) Welcom dinner (MRC)
023) Welcom dinner (MRC)
024) Welcom dinner (MRC)
025) Sydney (Australia)
026) Sydney (Australia)
027) Sydney (Australia)
028) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
029) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
030) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
031) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
032) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
033) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
034) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
035) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
036) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
037) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
038) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
039) Darling Haurbour Sydney (Australia)
040) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
041) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
042) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
043) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
044) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
045) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
046) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
047) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
048) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
049) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
050) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
051) Olimpic Chanel (Sydney, Australia)
052) SPBGU Team & Sydney University Team (Sydney, Australia)
053) SPBGU Rowing Team and Otago University Rowing Team (Quenstown, New Zealand)
054) The Coach of SPBGU Rowing Team (Quenstown, New Zealand)
055) Quenstown, New Zealand
056) Quenstown, New Zealand
057) Quenstown, New Zealand
057) Quenstown, New Zealand
058) Quenstown, New Zealand
059) Quenstown, New Zealand
060) Quenstown, New Zealand
061) Quenstown, New Zealand
062) Quenstown, New Zealand
063) Quenstown, New Zealand
064) Quenstown, New Zealand
065) New Zealand
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Information on regattas

On June 12, 2015, in the historic center of St. Petersburg on the waters of the Kronverksky Strait, between the Peter and Paul Fortress and Artillery Museum building, the 5rd International Rowing Regatta Golden Blades will take place.

A distance of 200 meters will be laid in the waters of the Kronverksky Strait along the fortress, which will allow participants and visitors enjoy the beautiful views of the sea capital of Russia.




9B, Deputatskaya Street,

Krestovsky Island, 197110, St. Petersburg

phone number: +7 921 186 58 58


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